Joseph M. Schultz

Joseph Schultz is an energy analyst/agricultural crop, nutrient, and waste management specialist with GDS Associates, Inc. His primary role is as an Energy Advisor for commercial and agricultural facilities. Joe has professional certifications as Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Energy Manager. He currently advises farm producers on energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities and incentives through the private, State, and Federal energy programs. He is currently a USDA-NRCS Technical Service Provider for Landscape and Headquarter Energy audits. His agricultural background and collegiate experiences provide farmers, agricultural professionals, farm credit financiers, and regulatory overseers with consultation on the latest and most innovative agricultural environmental control systems. Previously, Mr. Schultz worked as a Project Manager at Biogas Direct, LLC, a start-up anaerobic digestion installer utilizing German biogas technologies and has facilitated several farms with feasibility studies and grant application toward the implementation of on-farm energy systems.