Board of Directors

  • Andy Scholting

    Nutrient Adviser
  • Jason Olmstead

    Vice President
  • Jeff Koops


    I have been working for Farmers Co-op Society for 19 years.  In 2005, I became a consultant for FCS, and began working with confinements and open feedlots, writing MMP’s and NMP’s for livestock producers needing assistance in these areas. In 2005 I attended the CNMP Development Course and started writing CNMP’s shortly after that for the NRCS EQIP program.  I have written numerous CNMP’s for Continue reading

  • Dallas Heikens

    Past-Board President

    I started working with Jacobson-Westergard & Associates, Inc. in November, 1995. I have been involved with all phases of engineering including design, construction inspection, staking and contract administration. My engineering design and construction experience include leading and assisting with several street, grading and utility projects, drainage projects and livestock operation projects. I became involved with livestock operation projects in 2006. These projects have included hog Continue reading

  • Dennis Godar

    Board President

    Raised on family grain-livestock farm in Calhoun County, IL. Earned B.S. degree in Ag-Economics and Agronomy from University of Illinois in 1979 and a Masters degree in Environmental Studies from U of I at Springfield in 2002. Twenty years experience in the swine industry, including ten years as an independent pork producer at Rochester, Illinois. In 1996 started writing manure management plans for livestock producers Continue reading

  • Joseph M. Schultz


    Joseph Schultz is an energy analyst/agricultural crop, nutrient, and waste management specialist with GDS Associates, Inc. His primary role is as an Energy Advisor for commercial and agricultural facilities. Joe has professional certifications as Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Energy Manager. He currently advises farm producers on energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities and incentives through the private, State, and Federal energy programs. He is Continue reading

  • Joe Lally

    Executive Director

    Began working with first Iowa MMP’s in 1990 with the new confined swine facilities, both earthen basins and formed manure storage structures. I completed first CNMP in Iowa during 2000. I have since completed over 500 MMP’s, NMP’s, CNMP’s, and Organic Transition Plans, while building in precision conservation management strategies with farmers of all sizes. I have worked livestock and crop production enterprises to include Continue reading

  • Angelica Hopp

    Board Member